Briana Green has over ten years of experience as a professional photographer. Her love for photography bloomed from simple portraits to now doing entire branding campaigns for businesses. With a background in finance she enjoys working with small businesses to provide the visuals needed to give their entity the best look to lead them to success.

Stephen Green has a background in graphic design. His attention to detail is unmatched as he delivers unique graphics for each client. Stephen's primary goal is to provide sustainable timeless graphics that displays a clear message. He has worked with a wide array of clients over his years in graphic design. He values the collaboration process to ensure Forever Green clients are satisfied with the outcome. 


photographer / Web designer / illustrator

What makes us different?

We take a holistic approach to branding and rebranding businesses and people. When selecting clients to work with we are invested in them personally as well as their mission. We seek first to understand who they are, their goals, and wildest dreams before we decide to take on a client. Our goal is to build mutually beneficial relationships that will flourish well after the job is complete.

What's wonderful about Forever Green Branding is the history of our inception. Prior to meeting each other we both held separate companies (Briana-Photography and Stephen-Graphic Design). Unbeknownst to each other both of our companies were moving in the same direction toward servicing branding clients. Often our clients needed services the other offered. One day on our honeymoon we spent the morning brainstorming all of the what ifs. What if we merged our companies? What would it look like? What would we call it? We brainstormed for hours and in that creative space emerged Forever Green Branding. We decided to use our wedding hashtag #ForeverGreen and the rest is history! We are a husband and wife team who love creating, love people, and our desire is to bring our client's visions into fruition. 

Our team is expanding and we are so grateful for those whom we trust to support our clients. It truly takes a collaborative effort to serve our clients from all over the world well. Each client is treated with the same exact care we give to our brand. Our values lead us and by doing so our creativity flows. We would love to serve you in this creative way!

GRAPHIC DESIGNER / typographer / Photo editor

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"Forever Green Branding is nothing short of a miracle. Briana and Stephen's combined creative genius has brought to life my books, journals, and website. They have an ability to take the thoughts in your head and make complete sense of them. Super easy to work with and fun to be around! Thanks Forever Green for being organic and full of life!"

-Kayla L.

Graced with impeccable kindness and professionalism, Stephen and Briana were patient and accommodating with all that I needed for my Business Headshots. As a Muscular Dystrophy Survivor, facial paralysis, has been a challenge for other Photographers; but, Briana NEVER let that stop her! She found ways to get different angles and expressions out of me without compromising the integrity of the photo, nor my values! Her God-given gift penetrates past the lens to capture the soul! This Husband and Wife Team is truly gifted to bring Visions to life!

-Natasha M.

Briana is my go-to for all of my personal and professional photography needs. She is a dynamic and experienced professional - unapologetic in all that she does, and provides the highest quality of service. She creates easeful photography settings that call out the very best of who you are for the moment, and offers outstanding coaching for the moments when you might need some motivation and guidance to achieve the perfect shot. If you're looking for quality photography service you can trust, you've come to the right place.

-Rose E.

It has been a phenomenal experience working with Forever Green Branding! From family photos, Newborn sessions, and even Blog sessions - they are always professional, fresh, and creative. Truly an amazing team!!!

-Carmen G.

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